NFL Power Rankings: Too many division races are already over (Shutdown Corner)

Giving each division champion a playoff spot and a postseason home game is supposed to increase excitement. This year? It’s not even Halloween and we can safely call at least five of the eight division champions. The Bengals and Broncos have three-game leads. The Patriots and Packers have two-game leads. Can you see any of those teams blowing the division? I can’t either. The Colts aren’t very good, but who in the heck else is going to win the AFC South? We all know they’re going to eventually win it. So that’s five divisions that seem locked up before October is done. Among the other three, the NFC East might be interesting in a 2014 NFC South way, where a bunch of mediocre teams have a tight race. The NFC West could get interesting at some point, if the Rams are simply a different team with a rookie star in Todd Gurley (possible) or the Seahawks awaken from their slumber to challenge the Cardinals. The NFC South is the one interesting division this season, surprisingly enough after they didn’t have one winning team last year. That division looks like a really good race between the Panthers and Falcons. But that’s it? It’s too early to have this little intrigue. Of course it’s the unpredictable NFL, so the wheels could fall off one of those teams that currently looks in control of the division. There’s a long way to go. But it seems like way too many teams are either bad, or already worried about if they can get a bye because the division title is a foregone conclusion. The top-heavy NFL, with five teams still undefeated after seven weeks, is making for a strange season in many ways. The lack of intrigue in most of the divisions in the NFL is one of them. Here are Shutdown Corner’s power rankings after Week 7: 32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4, Last week: 31) The Buccaneers blew a 24-0 lead to Washington on Sunday, which makes Lovie Smith 4-18 with Tampa Bay. Even if you take into account that the Buccaneers tanked at the end of last year to get the top pick , have you seen anything the last two seasons that makes you think Smith is a good fit? 31. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5, LW: 32) I know the word out of Jacksonville is that everyone is going to be patient with Gus Bradley. And that’s justifiable. But I wonder if that timetable would have gotten shorter had the Jaguars blown that 27-3 lead to the Bills in London and lost on Sunday. 30. Detroit Lions (1-6, LW: 26)

from Yahoo Sports



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