Is Charles Woodson, AFC’s defensive player of the month, greatest DB ever? (Shutdown Corner)

By now, Charles Woodson should be spending Sundays in a television studio over-laughing with everyone else on the NFL pregame show of his choosing. The NFL isn’t built for 39-year-old men like Woodson to still be elite defensive backs. Heck, you’re pushing it at 30. It’s a young man’s game, and defensive back is one of the positions that is truly ruled by young men. Only five defensive backs have ever made the Pro Bowl after age 35 (Brian Dawkins, Darrell Green, Rod Woodson, Jimmy Johnson and John Lynch … quite a list ). A Pro Bowl at age 39? Ha, good one. That list is zero, of course. Woodson might be the first one to do it. He was just named the AFC defensive player of the month for October. That is one of the most ridiculous accomplishments in the NFL this season, or for the past few seasons. Do you know how many defensive backs who are 35 or older have simply played at least one NFL game this season? Three. Detroit Lions cornerback Rashean Mathis, who is 35, Minnesota Vikings cornerback Terence Newman, who is 37, and Woodson ( h/t to Pro Football Reference ). That’s it. So the oldest defensive back in the NFL — and only one other player is within four years of him — was the best defensive back in the AFC in October. That’s unbelievable.

from Yahoo Sports



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