NFL against the spread picks: Figuring out Week 17 motivation (Shutdown Corner)

Week 17 has 16 games, all on Sunday, and only two games have meaning for both teams involved, as far as playoff implications go. The Minnesota Vikings-Green Bay Packers game will decide the NFC North. The Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals both can change their playoff seeds with wins, but they both need help. Seattle can still get the fifth seed with a win and a Green Bay win, and that’s it for them. Not a crazy difference there. Arizona can still get the No. 1 seed but needs a Carolina loss. Even that game won’t have much urgency. Yeah, it’s not that crazy of a Week 17. When picking the games, we have to figure out if teams are playing for pride and which teams are counting the hours until they’re at the golf course. And that’s almost impossible to do. [ Yahoo Daily Fantasy: $10 could win you $20K in our $200K contest for Week 17 ] Teams like the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears have had disappointing performances in recent weeks, and right after you think they’re done for the season they come back strong and win the next week. But you don’t know which teams will react like the New York Giants, who were eliminated from the playoffs last Saturday and had a truly awful performance on Sunday. Let’s try the picks for the last time in the regular season, with the lines coming from Yahoo Pro Football Pick’em: Falcons (-4) over Saints: It seems like Atlanta wants to finish Dan Quinn’s first season strong. Too bad they took the middle part of the season off. An they probably can win the finale because they’re going against the Saints defense.

from Yahoo Sports



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